Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Swing Coats

I have quite a few swing coat patterns in my stash. These two are my most recent acquisitions.

The first one is Vogue 7902, dated 1990. The description reads: Very loose-fitting, lined, flared coat, below hip, mid-knee or above ankle, has collar, shoulder pads, side back seams, side pockets and long sleeves. 

To the left is the line drawing of the back. Besides the flare, I love the inverted V-shaped inset in the center back. 

The Burda pattern is 5417 and is not dated, but I suspect it's from a similar time frame as Vogue 7902. This is one of the older Burda patterns with no seam allowances, sold in a sealed plastic envelope. I really like the shape of the lapels. Unlike the Vogue, this coat is unlined.

Though I usually like my coats long, I'm draw to the mid-knee length versions. I could use a new raincoat and I think both of these patterns would work well in rainwear fabrics. I don't have any in my stash, but I'm keeping my eye peeled for the right one with these two coats in mind.

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