Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And While We're On The Subject Of Coats...

I'm planning to participate in the Lady Grey Coat Sew-Along sponsored by the lovely and talented Gertie.

According to the pattern, I'll need 4 and 1/3 yards for this project. I have a few large enough cuts of fabrics in my stash that could work in this style.

The first one I'm considered is the brown and black houndstooth pictured below. It's a clearance wall purchase from Fabricland, so I don't know the fiber content, though I strongly suspect that it's acrylic. All of the examples of the Lady Grey that I've seen are solid color, but I don't see why it couldn't be made in a patterned fabric. What do you think?

The solid fabric is also a possibility, but I had originally intended to use that for another vintage inspired coat, Vogue 1083.

Why, oh why, are all my coat fabrics in the brown family? I'm trying not to buy new fabrics until I use up some of my stash, but I love how the Lady Grey looks in a bright color. If I found the right fabric I might have to break down and add to my yardage count.

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  1. I just linked to your blog instead of continuing to comment on gertie's...

    I'm thinking about doing a deep plum in mine, just because I knitted up a purple hat for myself for the fall/winter. Yours might be good in a red of some sort... Although I do like blue and brown together. :)